Welcome! I’m Dan, the worship director at Calvary Baptist Church in Bristol, PA. Back when I was doing graduate studies at Cairn University I realized we had a plethora of great writers, musicians, lyricists, and poets on campus. All they needed was a group to bring them together and encourage them to keep writing. So The Worshiping Songwriter was born.

We would meet throughout the semester to share our works with each other. Some would bring lyrics, some would bring music, some would bring completed songs, and some would bring an eager excitement to write their first piece. Years later, I’m still humming some of those first songs.

Since then I’ve graduated, but my passion still burns to hear the people of God sing rich songs of praise and encouragement. This site is a place for those who share that same passion. So if you want songs that glorify God and encourage His church then you’ve come to the right place. Thanks for stopping by and I pray that these songs are an encouragement to you and all that you meet.

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