The Home That He Has Promised (Album)

Dan Loch – Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Jarred Cain – Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Lindsey Loch – Vocals, Keys
Sean Ellis – Electric Guitar, Vocals
Dan Marzari – Piano
Kae Klinger – Bass
Nate Garrison – Drums

Release Date
July 1st, 2022

Recorded at Redd Sound Studios

“There is a house with hallways filled from end to end with singing. These words of peace and melodies, this traveler’s hopes sustaining”. In one sense, this is a description of an eternal home. That place where God’s children dwell with Him in perfect peace. The mere thought of this dwelling is enough to give the earthly traveler hope.

But in another way, this could be a description of our homes here and now. Families gathered, around the dinner table or at church, singing songs of encouragement and praise. Songs that rejoice in who God is and that remind us that we are not alone in our struggles, trials, and hopes.

“The Home That He Has Promised” takes the singer on a journey. It starts in the darkness of a sin torn world before rising to see the welcoming light in the windows of that promised home. My prayer is that these songs will help your own homes and churches become little beacons of light and comfort along the way.

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