At The River


Verse 1

At the river there is healing.
At the river you’ll find strength.
At the river saints are singing,
“Holy Lord and Prince of Peace”

Verse 2

At the river stands a great tree
Yielding fruit in every month
And its leaves are for the healing
Of the nations, lost and hurt.


Come to the river and see all He’s done.
Come see life conquer the grave.
Come to the river
Where pain will be no more
And all tears will be wiped away.

Verse 3

From the heavens comes a city.
From the heavens comes His bride.
From the throne room He is saying,
“I am making all things new”.

Verse 4

In that city there’s no temple.
In that city He is there.
In that city we find comfort
For the Lord is dwelling there.

Verse 5

In His presence there’s no sorrow.
In His presence there is peace.
For His goodness knows no limit
And his love will never cease.

©2020 Words and music by Daniel Loch. All rights reserved.

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