Verse 1

Let there be light in the darkness
Let there be hope along the way
Let there be joy in your travels
And may the Lord be with you.

Verse 2

Let there be life in the message
May your lips share that blessed truth
Let all else fade but the mem’ry
Of the Lord Christ calling you

Verse 3

May you embrace with our Savior
May your tears vanish like the dew
As he extends all His kindness
And His good grace covers you

Verse 4

Go with the love of the Savior
Go with the peace that he affords
Death can no longer claim ransom
Life Christ already restores

Chorus 1

Go with the love of the Savior
Go there are still hurting souls
Go naught will ever diminish
The light of the Son and His word.

Verse 5

May we all meet at the river
With friends once lost to death and time
Then in one chorus, rejoicing
Sing to our Lord, God most high

Chorus 2

Praise to the Father forever
Praise to His Son Jesus Christ
Praise to the Spirit our helper
All praise to the Lord Three in One

©2020 Words and music by Daniel Loch. All rights reserved.

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