Christ The Hope of Glory


Verse 1

What promise will sustain me
Through long and bitter days
What hope will keep me going
As strength and wealth decay

What helper could deliver
My soul from Satan’s snare
But Christ the Hope of Glory
My joy, my strength, my prayer


How beautiful
How beautiful
Is Christ the Lord
Who strengthens me
How beautiful

Verse 2

What treasure shall I cherish
If moth and rust consume
What gold would I take with me
When glory’s flower blooms

What wage could pay my ransom
What gift will I adore
But Christ the Hope of Glory
My one and true reward

Verse 3

Who was in the beginning
And lasts beyond the end
Whose word endures forever
Yet calls this wretch His friend

Who crowns the heavens with splendor
Who makes the sun to shine
But Christ the Hope of Glory
Our everlasting light

©2022 Words and music by Daniel Loch. All rights reserved.

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