Forever and Always the Same


Verse 1

Everlasting God wonderful I AM
From age to age the same
Lord we need Your steady constant hand
We call upon Your name

Verse 2

You arise O Lord Your compassion sure
On this we can depend
That Your throne forever shall endure
And reign will never end


Crown Him with glory and honor
How majestic is Your name
Crown Him the King never changing
Forever and always the same

Verse 3

O my life remains but a fading mist
A wisp on winter’s wind
Here today but then tomorrow gone
While You have always been

Verse 4

At the end of time
When the trumpets sound
Your people will proclaim
“There our God awaits
Untouched, unchanged
Forever and always the same”


Who was and is
and evermore shall be
Who placed the stars
and all who live underneath
Who was and is
and evermore shall be
Who holds creation
and all eternity
Only our king Jesus

©2023 Words and music by Daniel Loch. All rights reserved.

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