Glory To God In The Highest



Glory to God in the Highest
Echo the angels o’er the fields
Glory to God in the highest
And on earth be peace to men

Verse 1

Shepherds they quake
As the angels descend
The glory of God
It fills them with dread
“But shepherds fear not”
The angels declare
“For in a manger Your savior is there”

Verse 2

Wise men they wander
They travel afar
Keeping their eyes fixed
On that bright star
That keeps its watch
Over God’s own dear Son
Who for the Father unveils His love

Verse 3

What greater gift
Could we hope to receive
Than Jesus Christ
Our Savior and King
Humbled so low
That a babe He would be
To secure life
For a sinner like me

©2020 Words and music by Daniel Loch. All rights reserved.

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