Lord I Believe



Lord I believe
Help my unbelief

Verse 1

When the tempest
Surrounds me
At times I’m tempted to doubt
When the waves
Overwhelm me
In desperation I cry out


Lord I believe
That you will deliver me
From all these fears and troubles
My soul from death
And my feet from failing
Lord I believe
That You will restore
The ruins and the rubble
A heart of flesh
And a spirit renewed

Verse 2

When temptations surround me
At times I fall into sin
When my shame overwhelms me
My weary soul groans from within


When I’m blind You give me sight
In this darkness You are light
What is broken You set right
You’ve already won the fight

Chorus 3

So that they may dwell in heaven
Where the God of love resides
And with saints through endless ages
Ever praise our savior Christ

©2020 Words and music by Eric Hendrix. All rights reserved.

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