Morning Prayer


Verse 1

Thank you, Father, for this day
And all that it shall bring.
For only, Father, by thy grace
Is this day received.
Thank you, Father, for this time
Though sorrows may increase.
For only, Father, by thy grace
Will my frail soul know peace.

Only grace can guide me home;
Left to myself I stray.
Only grace can cover sin
That I a fool embraced.
So guide me err I fall away
Far from the narrow path.
Guide me with thy constant grace
That I may be led back.

Verse 2

Give this day my daily bread
Or I shall go without.
For only, Father, by thy hand
Will my needs be met.
Give this day the strength I need
To glorify thy name.
For only, Father, by thy strength
Will any plan succeed.

Only by what you provide
Will I be satisfied.
Only by thy constant grace
Will I be counted thine.
So give what I shall need to be
Obedient to thy will.
Grant this and grant nothing else
That I might love you still.

Verse 3

Let me see where You would lead
From dawn to end of day.
For only, Father, in thy plan
Is my resting place.
Let me taste the goodness of
That which is yet to come.
For only, Father, in Thy love
Will evil be undone.

“Well done good
And faithful child,”
Is all I long to hear.
“Well done I do know thy name,”
Is joyous to my ears!
So let me worship you with praise
That flows forth from my heart.
Let that praise be all I need
A light unto the dark.

©2020 Words and music by Daniel Loch. All rights reserved.

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