See The Cross


Verse 1

Come the road before us now
Leads to dark Calvary
Pray look He bears the cross upon
His back so scarred and stained
He goes to die for other’s crimes
He goes to take my place
And there He will be crucified
Yet I am left unscathed

Verse 2

See the cross upon the hill
On which my savior hangs
Twas on that cross that blood did buy
My life from death’s dark reign
Twas on that cross my Savior bled
In pain His cry did ring
“My God my God why have you gone
Thou hast forsaken me”


Why, my Lord, did I sin that this might be?
Why did I go to eat of that one tree?
Why did I not trust thee
My sinfulness is proved
Why would you die for such a fool?

Verse 3

See the man upon the cross
So scarred and torn by sin
Not of His own but by my hand
His flesh receives its sting
Twas on that cross He breathed His last
The spear has pieced His side
See blood and water flow as one
To prove my savior died

Verse 4

Look the cross is void of life
Yet still no bone they broke
He gave Himself of His own will
A sacrifice for thee
Now darkness covers o’er the land
No light the eye can see
For in the tomb the light of God
Is hidden left unseen

Verse 5

See the tomb so cold and bare
No body can be found
Come hear the women shouting clear
“The Lord is risen now!”
No tomb can hold His holy power
And death has lost its sting
The Lord He bids you come in joy
And sing of this great praise

©2020 Words and music by Daniel Loch. All rights reserved.

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