The Home That He Has Promised


Verse 1

There is a house with hallways filled
From end to end with singing
These words of peace and melodies
This trav’ler’s hopes sustaining


And I shall sing the wondrous love
Of Christ my only solace
His steady hand leads me to home
The home that he has promised

Verse 2

Should I forget the home You left
To cover my transgressions
These songs proclaim Your glorious name
And point my heart towards heaven

Verse 3

When winds of time and trials fly
When storms of anguish thunder
Your word shall be my sweet relief
Recalling all Your wonders

Verse 4

When comes the day this life shall fade
My earthly sojourn ending
This soul departs with joyous heart
To dwell where saints are singing

©2022 Words and Music by Daniel Loch. Melody based on Robert Lowry’s “How Can I Keep From Singing”

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