The Lord Is My Shepherd (Psalm 23)


Verse 1

The Lord is my Shepherd
I shall not be wanting.
He leads me in pastures of green.
He guides me by rivers
That flow with His goodness.
That flow forth from His pure springs.


The Lord, the Lord!
In hunger and sorrow
In plenty and peace,
The Lord is all that I need.

The Lord, the Lord!
In pain and in trouble,
In joy and in love,
The Lord is all that I need.

Verse 2

He comforts my poor soul
And guides me on good paths
Through valleys and shadows of death
I will fear no evil for You are here with me
The wonderful comforting guide.

Verse 3

I sit at his table secure in His presence
My cup is filled with His great love
His goodness and mercy
Will lead me all my days
My home will be always with Him.

©2020 Words and music by Daniel Loch. All rights reserved.

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