Sonnet: The Quiet Morning Hours Call for Prayer

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I remember being in a high school creative writing class where I was assigned to write a sonnet. Back then I was a little hard headed and strong willed, which is just a nice way of saying I was really annoying, and I thought that anything but freeform poetry would “cramp my style”.

Now, as I struggle to find the right words for my songs, these poetic forms help me get words onto the page. Knowing that I need 3 stanzas with an ABAB CDCD EFEF rhyming pattern and then a GG couplet frees me from the terrors of choice paralysis. I don’t need to worry about finding the right form, I already have the form, now I can focus on the words.

I’ve only written one full sonnet before (I never did complete the one in high school) so I decided to try my hand at it again. Here’s what came out of the exercise. I hope you enjoy.

The quiet morning hours call for prayer
What man could face the day without his God?
What strength could earthly pain and toils bear?
My strength will only prove that I am flawed

And should I hide my hope in worldly vaults
The dawning sun will prove those hopes are false
For night conceals the robbers swift assault
That plunders all within these feeble walls

What treasure lasts beyond the test of time?
What gold will go with me beyond the grave?
Will striving fill this empty vault of mine?
Or working this poor image bearer save?

Oh lord lead me to rest before your throne
That I may store my hope in you alone

“The Quiet Morning Hours Call for Prayer” by Dan Loch

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