Writing Songs That Point to Christ

In addition to writing new songs this past month I have also revisited some older ones. I have to say, it’s amazing that I ever thought those recordings were worth putting up. For the meantime they’ll stay up there but I am looking forward to replacing them. One such song that I have revisited isContinue reading “Writing Songs That Point to Christ”

Writing Songs That Lament (And thoughts on Psalm 22)

To prepare for writing this article, I went back and read through the entire book of Psalms. Okay, I skimmed through the book of Psalms. Still, I went through all 150 Psalms and made note of how many were either laments or, in some way, a cry of distress. About 52 out of 150 PsalmsContinue reading “Writing Songs That Lament (And thoughts on Psalm 22)”

Writing Songs That Worship

So far in our series of “Writing Songs That…” we’ve explored “Writing Songs That Teach” and “Writing Songs That Encourage”. Now we come to one of the most obvious topics that is so often misunderstood or misapplied. That topic is: Worshiping songwriters should write songs that worship. That seems so obvious. So why state it?Continue reading “Writing Songs That Worship”

Writing Songs that Encourage

Now, more than ever, we need encouragement, right? We live in turbulent times full of fear and uncertainty. In these trials, millions upon millions of people will turn to music for strength and a sense of community, especially if they cannot gather in person. For one example, I look to Italy and see those whoContinue reading “Writing Songs that Encourage”