Song of the Month: Set Free

Another month has come and gone. That means its time for a new song of the month! Recently I have been focusing on the importance of lament (and I still am, stay tuned for a new “writing songs that…” article) but the Psalms make it clear that the purpose of lament is not to stay in a lament. Instead, it is to journey through the lament and, in proper time and after proper reflection, arrive at a place of praise.

This new song, “Set Free”, was written at the same time as “The Lord Has Heard (Psalm 6)” and I find the two to be a fitting pair. “The Lord Has Heard” gives voice to the raw emotion and lets out the cry “Return O Lord and rescue my soul. Save me because of Your loving kindness” and “Set Free” illustrates that loving kindness. I hope this song brings a bit of hope as it leads us in praising our Savior who is both the Ancient of Days and the Lamb who was slain.

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