Hymn of the Month: Be Thou My Vision (All That I Long For)

Welcome to March! With a new month comes a new hymn. We’re currently going through a series in Colossians at my church with a focus on the preeminence of Christ. With that in mind, my Pastor suggested that “Be Thou My Vision” would be a good fit for the series. Seeing as this is oneContinue reading “Hymn of the Month: Be Thou My Vision (All That I Long For)”

Song of the Month: Lord I Believe

I always love when I can introduce songs from other members of The Worshiping Songwriter. This months song comes from Eric Hendrix, a music major at Cairn University. He brings a great ear and rich accompaniment to deep, self reflective lyrics. You can find the chord chart here. Enjoy! Let Eric know that you’ve heardContinue reading “Song of the Month: Lord I Believe”

Song of the Month: God of Heaven

Can you believe its already October? Or maybe you can’t believe its only October. Somehow this year has been both the longest and the shortest I’ve ever gone through. Despite all of that, one silver lining is that 2020 has been my best year of songwriting so far, both in terms of quantity and quality.Continue reading “Song of the Month: God of Heaven”

Song of The Month: The Love of the Savior

It is my great pleasure to introduce my good friend, Sean Ellis. He joined The Worshiping Songwriter early on and, if I remember correctly, had not written any worship songs yet. Then one day, in one of our monthly meetings, he decided to try it out even though he had not prepared anything for theContinue reading “Song of The Month: The Love of the Savior”

Song of The Month: How Long? (A Quarantine Prayer)

Originally, I planned on releasing a hymn arrangement this month. However, with the events of the past week, this song came back to my mind. I had started it early on in the lockdown. In the first session I wrote the first verse and chorus then let it sit for a while. Today I cameContinue reading “Song of The Month: How Long? (A Quarantine Prayer)”

Song of The Month: Joy Inexpressible

New song is up! Check it out here Joy Inexpressible It’s been a while since I’ve posted here and I hope you’ll forgive me. With Covid-19 life has gotten a little crazy. As a worship pastor I’ve been facing the challenge of leading others in encouraging, instructive, and worshipful music even though we can’t meetContinue reading “Song of The Month: Joy Inexpressible”

“Be Thou My Vision” and the Importance of Hymns

It’s March! And The song of the month is “Be Thou My Vision (All That I Long For)” . This one has a special place in my heart. “Be Thou My Vision” was one of those songs that helped me fall in love with hymns. Now it would be helpful to define what a hymnContinue reading ““Be Thou My Vision” and the Importance of Hymns”