Prepare Him Room

For the seventh text of Christmas, this blogger gives to thee…

We travel from yesterday’s archaic Latin to 2014, when Sovereign Grace released Prepare Him Room. The song is a meditation on the Christmas narrative from Luke 2:7, where Mary gave birth to Jesus in a barn because the inn was too full. The first verse glories in Christ’s humble birth, the second tells of the reason for His coming, and the third is a call to respond to His redemptive work for us.

O behold, the mystery now unfolds
See the star shine on the virgin foretold
Angels sing and light up the sky
Hope rings out in a newborn’s cry
Swing wide, you ancient gates
For Christ is born today!

Prepare Him room
Prepare Him room
Let the King of glory enter in

God with us, the promise has come to be
This, the one the prophets were longing to see
In the darkness a blazing light
To the hungry the words of life
His kingdom now is near
For those with ears to hear

Oh, our hearts, as busy as Bethlehem
Hear Him knock, don’t say there’s no room in the inn
Through the cradle, cross, and grave
See the love of God displayed
Now He’s risen and He reigns
Praise the Name above all names!

Link to Sovereign Grace’s page for Prepare Him Room

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