Quick Thoughts: Building Brick by Brick

Hey all,

It’s been a while since I posted. Sorry about that, but I have a good reason! My little girl was born a month early and life has not been the same since. First their was the stay in the NICU, then her coming home and figuring out how to live with a new, tiny human in the house.

For those who are curious, Lily is doing great now. She loves to eat and resist naps (she is very good at eating, resisting naps, not so much)

So life has changed and I need to make some changes about how I put out content. Normally I will do something long, thought out, you know, something that takes a good deal of time… well, that’s a little harder now. I hope to get back to that type of material (like the Reflections podcast) but for now, something different.

“Quick Thoughts” is a collection of, well, quick thoughts. These could be anything, from songwriting, to life, to theology, to entertainment, but my goal is to share some thoughts that will be helpful or encouraging in some way.

Today’s quick thought is that I need to be building “Brick by Brick”.

It’s easy to visualize the house I want to build. Lets say I want two stories, a nice porch, and a little studio off to the side where I can record but until I build it it’s just an idea. To turn it from an idea into a reality I need to lay a foundation, build a frame, then stack the bricks.

With a song, or with a website, its easy to visualize my end goal (like being able to support a family on songwriting) but to get there I have to stack the bricks (like reminding you that we have some cool merch over here and a chance to donate over here).

This is a quick thought that goes beyond songwriting. Whatever it is that you want to do, take a small step, everyday, to turning it from dream into reality. Today, I figured I would start a new blog series and write a melody for a song. Check and check. Maybe you want to learn a new skill, like cooking. Go ahead and learn a new recipe today. Fajitas aren’t that hard. Or maybe you want to be able to change your own oil in your car. Go look up what tools you’ll need and order them. Over time, these little steps will add up and brick by brick you’ll build your dream into a reality.

Thanks for taking the time to read this “Quick Thought” and as I have more I’ll share more. If this has inspired you I would love hear what your goals are and what small steps you’re taking today. Leave a comment, visit us on Facebook and Instagram, and I will catch you later.

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