Quick Thoughts: Live, Laugh, Write

Today I got to go pick apples and sunflowers with Lindsey and Lily. It was a great time with lots of smiles and fresh air. Along the way I was humming a few tunes and making note about things I liked and things that should be changed. Eventually, one tune stuck out and I realized “hey, I really enjoy singing that… I should work on that one more”.

If I had been sitting at my desk staring at Finale I wouldn’t have been humming those tunes. It was only by going out and living that I found the right melody to sing.

The same goes for lyrics. The best lyrics aren’t written from a place of theory. Instead they’re written from experience. Beautiful substantial lyrics are going to flow from a stream of both study and life. Without the study of poetry I won’t have the right words to capture the excitement of the moment but without a life I will never find the flame of inspiration.

So if I want to write great songs, I need to pick sunflowers every once in a while.

And for those who are curious, here are the lyrics I was mulling over. Let me know what you think!

As the face of the sun is too brilliant to behold

I have only seen His glory in the shadows here below

But a day will soon be dawning when the veil is swept away

And all His sons and daughters will see Him face to face

Face to Face (Rough Draft)

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