A Preacher’s Prayer of Illumination

As I prepare to preach on Romans 15 at the end of this month, I am reminded of our need. If the Holy Spirit does not illuminate God’s word then a sermon is just one preacher stumbling around in the dark trying to tell a blind man where to go. This is a prayer that I wrote in order to focus. I hope it helps.

All wise father

The beginning and the end of every truth

You have given us Your perfect word

That we may be instructed, taught to walk in Your ways

Your word is a light unto my feet that makes clear the path to your throne

Today I endeavor to add commentary to the reading of your word

Grant me clarity that I would not obscure the text with mindless rambles

Wisdom that I may discern the encouraging comments from the harmful barbs

Grace that I may speak to my fellow fugitives as one forgiven

Humility that I would see myself not as a king exalted to the platform but as a servant, washing Your children’s feet

And may Your children receive Your word with pure delight

May Your Spirit turn this service into a cool, refreshing stream that sustains us through the week

May the light of Your holiness convict us of our sins and lead us to repentance

Oh God of infinite mercy

Open every ear

Take the scales away from every eye

Melt every heart of stone

That Your word may enter in and transform us into the image of Your Son.

In His holy name we pray


“A Preacher’s Prayer of Illumination” by Dan Loch

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