A Preacher’s Prayer of Illumination

As I prepare to preach on Romans 15 at the end of this month, I am reminded of our need. If the Holy Spirit does not illuminate God’s word then a sermon is just one preacher stumbling around in the dark trying to tell a blind man where to go. This is a prayer thatContinue reading “A Preacher’s Prayer of Illumination”

Communion at Calvary

While I was down in Nashville for the Getty’s Sing! conference I had the great pleasure of visiting Edgefield Church. We received a warm welcome, met some other conference goers, and joined in some wonderful singing. Mark Dever was the guest preacher that day and he shared Exodus 12 with us, going through the firstContinue reading “Communion at Calvary”

Reflections: What is a Hymn? (Ephesians 5:19)

It’s been a while since I’ve done an entry in the Reflections category but a recent discussion at the Getty’s Sing! conference got me thinking I should try one of these again. During Matt Boswell’s breakout session on crafting better lyrics, one of the attendees asked “what is your definition of a hymn?” and hisContinue reading “Reflections: What is a Hymn? (Ephesians 5:19)”

On the Road with Sean Ellis: Beauty

Background From July 20th to August 8th of this year, I spent almost every day driving around the country. Spending 8 to 11 hours a day alone in a car provides much time for meditation, prayer, and mental frolicking. Much of that thinking was spent on God, His works, our relationship with Him, and howContinue reading “On the Road with Sean Ellis: Beauty”