A Quick Word From Matt Merker of Getty Music

Hey all,

Got something special today! Matt Merker, Director of Creative Resources and Training at Getty Music, has taken a break from writing in Ireland to share a quick word about “The Well That Never Runs Dry”.

I had the privilege of co-writing this song with Matt as part of the Getty’s Hymn Writers Collective and we’re excited for it to be included on “Christ The Hope of Glory”. But don’t take my word for it, hear what Matt has to say!

If you would like to help make this song a reality then head over to the Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/…

Also check out the Getty’s Sing! Conference in Nashville, September 4-6 https://gettymusicworshipconference.com/

Also also, we are hosting a concert on June 23rd to celebrate the end of the Kickstarter (and its looking like we’re going to have lots to celebrate, we’re at 80%!). Tickets are free and I hope you can join us.

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