“When the Answer is No” Good Friday Sermon 2022

A few weeks back I had the honor of giving a mini sermon during our Good Friday service. This sermon focuses on Christ in the garden, His prayer, and the resounding “no” that He received as an answer. If you want to hear the whole sermon check out the video below. I start preaching aroundContinue reading ““When the Answer is No” Good Friday Sermon 2022″

Good Friday and the Suffering Servant

Tomorrow I have the honor of preaching one of three mini sermons at Calvary’s Good Friday service. This is a somber reflection on Christ’s journey from the communion table to the cross, focusing on His choice to be our suffering servant. If you are free we would love to see you there: Good Friday Service7pmCalvaryContinue reading “Good Friday and the Suffering Servant”

Hymn of the Month: Were You There

Welcome to April, spring, and the Easter season. This month we are looking at one of the great spirituals, “Were You There When They Crucified My Lord”. The repeated rhetorical question “were you there?” will keep bringing us back to Calvary as we sing. May this song be an encouragement for you and your familyContinue reading “Hymn of the Month: Were You There”

New Song: Christ The Hope of Glory

2021 was a year full of challenges but also a year full of growth. I didn’t post many songs during 2021 because there was a lot of growth going on, both personally and musically. Musically, I’ve been blessed to be a part of the Getty’s Hymn Writing Collective. In this group I’ve learned so muchContinue reading “New Song: Christ The Hope of Glory”

Hymn of the Month: Be Thou My Vision (All That I Long For)

Welcome to March! With a new month comes a new hymn. We’re currently going through a series in Colossians at my church with a focus on the preeminence of Christ. With that in mind, my Pastor suggested that “Be Thou My Vision” would be a good fit for the series. Seeing as this is oneContinue reading “Hymn of the Month: Be Thou My Vision (All That I Long For)”

Sonnet: The Quiet Morning Hours Call for Prayer

I remember being in a high school creative writing class where I was assigned to write a sonnet. Back then I was a little hard headed and strong willed, which is just a nice way of saying I was really annoying, and I thought that anything but freeform poetry would “cramp my style”. Now, asContinue reading “Sonnet: The Quiet Morning Hours Call for Prayer”