Song of the Month: God of Heaven

Can you believe its already October? Or maybe you can’t believe its only October. Somehow this year has been both the longest and the shortest I’ve ever gone through. Despite all of that, one silver lining is that 2020 has been my best year of songwriting so far, both in terms of quantity and quality. Part of that has to do with starting up these weekly songwriting exercises.

I mention that because this new song, “God of Heaven”, started out as a weekly exercise. The challenge was to write a 16 bar song (similar to Amazing Grace) so I sat down and started working. The melody is built on the pentatonic scale in homage to songs like “Amazing Grace” and “I am Bound for the Promised Land”. The lyrics are an attempt to paint heaven in a different light.

You can listen to it here:

God of Heaven

Instead of viewing heaven as a vacation spot where I will be blessed with stuff and a good time, I’m looking at heaven as the place where God dwells. How I see it, if God wasn’t there then no amount of treasure, housing, gold, or crowns would make Heaven a good place to live. What makes heaven amazing is that I will get to reside with my Father, God most high, and my Brother, Jesus Christ.

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6 thoughts on “Song of the Month: God of Heaven

  1. Dan, what a beautiful song and lyrics! It brought tears to my eyes. What a blessing to listen to. The message that the value of Heaven is that it’s where God dwells, not just where peace is has opened my mind and heart to the scope of what I long for in Heaven. Well done!

  2. Great stuff! It reminds me of when God tested Moses saying He would show Moses the promise land but not go with him. Moses refused because therr is no promise land (or heaven) without God!

  3. Great song Dan. Thank you for reminding us that Heaven is about dwelling in the love and presence of God. All of the other images we have of Heaven pale beside that.

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